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Experience the power of integrative pediatrics, where we blend traditional pediatric care with a comprehensive and holistic approach.

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Even our most basic services go above and beyond your typical pediatric practice:

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Easy + Direct Communication

Easy and direct communication with Dr. Sally anytime, including weekends and after-hours. Say goodbye to unnecessary ER or urgent care visits. Feel at ease knowing that Dr. Sally is just a call or text away.

Convenient Scheduling

We offer convenient scheduling with same-day or next-day appointments. Whether it's a text, call, video chat, in-office visit, or even a home visit, Dr. Sally will always be available when and where you need it.

Comprehensive Care

Well-child visits, sick visits, physicals, routine vaccinations, and all types of routine and diagnostic rapid testing, we have you covered. Rest assured that your child's medical care is taken care of under one roof.

In addition to our exceptional basic care, we are proud to offer an extensive range of services that surpass what you would typically find at a conventional pediatric practice:

Newborn Care + Education

Trust Dr. Sally to provide compassionate care to you and your newborn, ensuring a bright and healthy start to your baby's life.

  • Lactation specialist support

  • 3 in-home newborn visits

  • All newborn + infant vaccines

  • Newborn visits at the hospital (local)

  • Infant sleep support

  • Newborn + baby care and education

  • Expectant parents: Meet & greet, newborn

        preparation, education and support

  • Parent Group Programs +

        Engagement (coming in 2024)

Young Ones + Teens

Personalized guidance and support to empower you and your child to adopt healthy habits for a lifetime. Through education and collaboration, we help you navigate the path to optimal health.

  • Academic support + success planning

  • Behavioral support + developmental

  • assessments

  • Mental wellness + resources

  • Health + nutrition coaching

  • Coordination of care with local experts 

College Program

College Program

Our college program is a reassuring service that allows students to easily contact us by cell, text, email, or video. Your student will have their own trusted doctor who they have always known, and can coordinate their care while away from home. We can handle most medical needs to help your student avoid navigating the surprisingly frustrating and unfamiliar student health center.

Dr. Sally, with the personal experience of sending her own five children off to college, understands the potential chaos associated with managing medical care alongside the college journey. Rest assured that your college student will be taken care of with the help of Dr. Sally!

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