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Personal narratives that highlight the trust, compassion, and expertise that define our practice. 

Discover the heartfelt stories and experiences of our valued patients, gain insight into the positive impact our dedicated team has made, and find reassurance in the genuine testimonials that attest to our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare.

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Pauline del Castillo


Dr. Sally was highly recommended by my OB and the labor & delivery nurses at CMH. She definitely lives up to the hype! Not only is she knowledgeable, but she’s personable and she genuinely cares about your children. If you’re tired of being talked down to or having to lie because you disagree with your pediatrician’s opinions and/or philosophy, make the switch, like I did. I’ve never looked back since discovering Dr. Sally!

Katie Sugar


I love Dr. Sally! She is so warm and caring, but also so thorough and on top of her game. We’ve been seeing her for over 6 years now, when my first son was born, and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Sarah Cardenas


We just switched this year to Dr. Sally Smith. She is the sweetest and most understanding doctor. We truly love the office staff and her.

Lizet Mendoza


Dr. Sally Smith is absolutely incredible. We have been taking our son since he was born. He’s two and a half now. And I cannot express enough just how thorough and caring she is. She takes her time with her patients and goes above and beyond. I myself had some issues and needed help and she referred me to a wonderful therapist. She’s compassionate and caring! She takes the time to get to know her patients and does all that she can to help. She has excellent bedside manner and truly loves children. She is by far the sweetest and most caring Pediatrician I have ever met. I highly recommend her for services. My own son looks forward to going to the Dr. because of her. It truly is amazing to see his face light up when he sees her because she’s that nice! In addition to all of that her practice has an after hours line in case of emergencies. She’s very understanding and very helpful! I myself have had to use that line a few times as a first time parent and she’s never made me feel like I’m bothering, no matter what time of day. Dr. Sally is seriously the best! I highly recommend!

Alan Robison


The best there is! She has been seeing our son since birth, and has ALWAYS been available when he has anything from an infection to a rash to something more serious. We love Dr. Sally!

Amy Stepina Mukhopadhyay


Dr. Sally Smith is amazing.

Meet Dr. Sally-2.png

Vitals (Anonymous)

"Dr.Sally is great. My son absolutely loves going to see her because she is so sincere and sweet with him. She's very gentle and always ask his permission before she checks him out. She is always very cautious before prescribing antibiotics which i really appreciate - she will not automatically just put him on them. And she just has the best bed-side manner. Really makes the parent feel involved with any decisions that have to be made. She also always returns calls rather promptly if you have an after-hours emergency question or concern, that is just something you almost feel like doesn't happen in the medical world anymore. I totally recommend dr. sally to anyone looking for a pediatrician."

"We love Dr. Sally...she is so kind and loving toward our daughter. She always compliments her and answers all of our questions. We are usually able to get in when we have an emergency (calling first thing in the morning when my daughter has been sick). Love the office staff...very friendly."

Meet Dr. Sally-2.png


Helen F Westfall


Dr Sally has been my daughter's doctor for the past 10 years. We have nothing, but good things to say about her. She is very thorough, very professional, very caring, and very helpful. She has always remembered my daughter, no need to even look at her chart half the time. She is good at talking with her and informing her in a way she can understand. We love her!

Marisa A.

Dr Sally is awesome!  She listens to all your worries and take the best care of my baby!

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